The EP Doctor is in the house!

Thanks Terri for kicking the dog, stirring the pot, pinching me or whatever you want to call it to get me back to this blog.

Life happens. Things get delayed…like the blog.

No excuses.

Let’s get on with it.

Here’s my plan:

Every Sunday, a tip on using embossing powders

Once a month, a special embossing powder “recipe” meaning a mix of colors to make a new blend

Once a month, a technique oriented tutorial using embossing powders

As often as possible, posts showing projects using embossing powder

Join in, leave comments, have fun.

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One Response to I am alive

  • winnie says:

    I was searching for what is that dry, non static powder one uses when embossing, and came upon your page…

    Please DO post more embossing related tips and techniques, would love to read more from your experience!

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