I HATE to dust, in fact, does anyone “like” it?

Let’s narrow down the dusting topic to just prepping the paper before you heat emboss.

You may be raising the ole eyebrow and saying “what are you talking about, dusting?”

Let me ask this – have you ever had stray specs of embossing powder be a pain on your project? Or maybe an image not look at crisp?

If you’re answer is yes, then maybe you need to dust your paper.

Preparing paper before heat embossing is rarely done allowing for a mixed result, sometimes good and sometimes not so good. Paper contains moisture, static and foreign particles allowing it to be variable with the environmental conditions in which it is stored and used. Since embossing powder tends to stick to anything even slightly moist or static-y, it is good to reduce either of those as much as possible.

To prepare paper, it’s as easy as brushing it with some type of drying, anti-static powder. This powder comes in a loose form that can be stored in a plastic container, shaken on the paper and lightly brushed off with a natural hair brush. The extra can go back into the container and used again.

The anti-static powder also comes in felt or cloth bags, like rosin bags that baseball pitchers use to dust their hands, that are called “Embossing Buddies” or “Anti-static Bags” from manufacturers like Stampin’ Up!,  Close to my Heart and Blockheads Paper Arts. The bag is rubbed across the page and any excess is tapped off over a trashcan. This method is a easier to control than the loose powder since it is contained in the bag. Just remember to store it in a plastic bag so that the anti-static powder doesn’t seep out all over your crafting supplies!

When the paper has been prepared, stamp and emboss as normal. The anti-static powder residue should blow off. If you’re embossing on darker papers and there is a slight residue leftover after embossing, lightly rub a slightly damp paper towel over the paper to remove any extra dust.

There you go! You’re on your way to better heat embossed images by just prepping your paper first!


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2 Responses to To dust or not to dust?

  • Mary Wallis says:

    Thank you for the information it was VERY helpful, much appreciated.

  • KarenC says:

    I’m quite new to stamping and I am hoping someone can help.
    I have Jet Black card and I am trying to heat emboss with WOW Opaque Bright White Superfine as the writing on my stamp is quite small. I’ve tried both clear & white pigment inks (Versa) and also WOW Clear GLOSS & WOW White Superfine embossing powders, if I don’t use an Anti static pad, I end up with lots of specks showing everywhere, I’ve also tried using a used drier cloth for the specks but it didn’t seem to help, so I used my antistatic pad which coated my lovely fresh crisp black paper with a white dust, I then started my stamping, then embossed, only to find that there was no embossing powder specks, BUT, the antistatic pad has left a dust all over my Jet Black card. I have tried blowing it, wiping it, it would not go away.
    So, after my long winded moan Lol, does anyone have a solution to my question, how do I get rid of anti static pad residue off jet black card.
    I would be most grateful for any suggestions.
    Thank you so much,
    Karen x

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