Embossing Powder is finely ground plastic which is sensitive to temperature and moisture conditions. Knowing that, the best place to store your embossing powder is somewhere temperature controlled and dry.

I personally haven’t seen the cold affect EP, but I’ve seen the heat have an adverse effect on it. It gets a bit clumpy and doesn’t sprinkle well. Sometimes the powder may get brushed off the paper and show a shadow of color transfer from the powder itself. It’s a color residue that stains the paper and is not removed easily. I’ve had some luck using a white eraser to remove it, but depending on the color of the paper and powder, that doesn’t work 100% of the time.

Humidity and moisture have the biggest effect on EP. The problems mentioned above get way worse, fast. It makes heat embossing any image 10X more difficult and not pretty at all.

To combat embossing powder temperature and moisture intrusion, here are a some tips to limit if not eliminate the issues:

  1. keep the EP in its original container, usually a plastic screw top jar
  2. keep the jars in a drawer or shelf out of direct sunlight
  3. store in an air-conditioned environment
  4. place desiccant packs in the area of your EP jar storage
  5. remove fans or direct air flow (open window) from the area when you’re working with EP
  6. recap EP jars soon after use