I would say the main use of embossing powder is for use on a stamped image. However, there are times when coordinating embellishments are wanted to further accent that stamped and embossed image. Or maybe you’re working on an altered project that would benefit from the texture and color of embossing powder.

Anything metal is easy to heat emboss. No ink or glue is needed. Heat the metal, pour on the powder, shake off the excess and reheat. The metal retains the heat enough for the embossing powder to stick until it is reheated. Remember, it will be HOT – use tongs or tweezers for handling. If embossing ink coats the metal surface first, it chips off much easier due to that extra layer between the metal and powder. A direct to metal bond is much stronger. Work in small areas, repeating the process until the area is covered to your satisfaction. This is a fantastic way to change the color of brads in any instant without having to buy every color of brad available. Think of any metal embellishment or even metal boxes that could benefit from an embossing powder coat.

Heat resistant tape offers a great solution to emboss non-metal items. I’m sure you’ve heard some: Red Liner Tape, Tacky Tape, Sticky Tape, and Pop Dots to name a few. They are great for lines, edges, entire surfaces or dots of embossed texture. These adhesives are double-sided, so apply the tape to the desired surface, sprinkle on the powder, shake off any excess and heat.

Do you have something other than ink that you use for heat embossing? I’d love to hear about it!

Until next time…